Pride and Prejudice 2018

With The Economist

We are living in unpredictable times. In the face of global political shifts, progress in countries traditionally leading the charge on LGBT equality and inclusion can no longer be taken for granted—in fact, it must be protected from those who seek to undo it. At the same time, the basic human rights of LGBT individuals in many countries are, at best, not recognised and, at worst, legally non-existent.

Technological advances and the interconnectivity afforded by the internet have brought the challenging conditions faced by many LGBT individuals across the world into sharper focus, but they also increase the responsibility and ability of observers to help. How can governments, companies and individuals become advocates? What does it take to translate good intentions into meaningful action? And how can united efforts transcend borders to improve the legal rights and societal treatment of LGBT people worldwide?

Pride and Prejudice 2018 will assess the status of LGBT rights in specific countries, map new battlegrounds and identify the scope for action. Participants will draw lessons from the experiences of individuals, businesses and governments across the world and translate them into recommendations. Talk is cheap—it’s time to act.

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