Ash M.O.

Position: Rapper

Vortragstitel: It’s time to MAKE HIP HOP GAY AGAIN


What can you do, if you’ve always loved Hip Hop, but Hip Hop has always seemed to hate you? If you’re Ash M.O. the answer is: set out on a mission to MAKE HIP HOP GAY AGAIN!

Equipped with a humorous attitude and savage punchlines, the self-proclaimed Mayor of the Gayborhood goes on the offensive and questions what it means to be a rapper in the new new Twenties.

In his presentation you will learn about his personal mission, why Hip Hop has always been “fucking Queer”, what it’s like being the first and currently only openly gay male rapper in Germany, and why he doesn’t care about Jay-Z, but would rather be the male Beyonce of rap.


Ash M.O. is a rapper / singer currently living in Mannheim Germany. He has a masters degree in “Dick Jokes and other NSFW punchlines”.

As one of his biggest achievements he cites the one time online-personality Tyler Oakley liked one of his tweets.

Due to his previously rather unhealthy lifestyle of heavy drinking and partying, he is unable to recall any other accomplishments.