Employees: 5,500 worldwide

Locations: Headquarter: Loveland, CO Manufacturing Sites: USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, China Regional Sites / Other Office Site: Asia, Europe (biggest market in Europe is Germany with sites in Berlin and Düsseldorf – rest of European countries have smaller subsidiaries with up to 30 people, mostly sales and service)

Industry: Wastewater Treatment Municipal/Industrial, Municipal Drinking Water, Chemical Industry, Power & Utilities, Food & Beverage, Engineers & Consultants, Labs

Languages: Englisch and all local languages

Career opportunities: 

  • • Apprenticeship
  • • Internship
  • • Working student
  • • Direct employment

About us

Hach manufactures and distributes analytical instruments and reagents used to test the quality of water and other liquid solutions. Systems simplify analysis by offering online instrumentation, portable lab equipment, prepared reagents and technical support.

Ensuring water quality for people around the world

We make water analysis better—faster, simpler, greener and more informative—via unsurpassed customer partnerships, the most knowledgeable experts, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions.

Hach belongs to the Danaher corporation.

Why we are a STICKS & STONES partner

At Danaher we believe that Inclusion creates a work environment that is open-minded and respectful without judgment. Diversity and inclusion are essential elements of our culture that help us to maximize associate engagement. These two parts should be core to everything we do– from recruitment and career advancement, to new business development and supplier relationships. This inner attitude helps us bring together a mix of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We know enhanced inclusion creates a better work environment for our associates and also helps to provide deeper, broader insights into our customers as well as market opportunities. At Danaher, we want all our associates to maintain a culture that respects and appreciates individuality.

We are currently looking for

R&D Specialists
Finance Specialists
Opertaion Specialists
Marketing Specialists
Area Sales Manager

IT Specialists

We offer the following LGBT+ related measures and benefits in our company:

  • • Trainings for employees about dealing with sexuality and gender diversity
  • • LGBT diversity management
  • • Personnel development measurements explicitly for LGBT+ persons
  • • Psychological support/counselling surrounding the coming out process
  • • Measures for health support for LGBT+ persons
  • • No gender-specific dress code
  • • Five Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) to help further strengthen inclusion within our culture: Women+Friends ARG; African+Friends ARG; Latinx+ Friends ARG; Asian Descent and Friends ARG and LGBTQ+Friends ARG.

Our LGBT+ company network: five Associate Resource Groups (ARGs)

… help further strengthen inclusion within our culture: Women+Friends ARG; African+Friends ARG; Latinx+ Friends ARG; Asian Descent and Friends ARG and LGBTQ+Friends ARG. These ARGs will provide sponsored networks for associates, to come together, share and learn with each other. By building and maintaining a culture rooted in inclusive values, we maximize the unique perspectives and fresh ideas available to drive our innovation, fuel our growth, and ensure our technologies. June 14th host the first National Meeting of Danaher’s LGBTQ + Friends ARG this in Washington, DC. The National Meeting will serve as an opportunity for networking, community building, storytelling, and learning.

Kontakt und Hinweis für Bewerber_innen

Name Ansprechperson: Niuscha Nikdin

Adresse: Willstätter Strasse 11, 40549 Düsseldorf

Telefonnummer: +492115288143

E-Mail-Adresse: Niuscha.nikdin@hach.com

Bevorzugte Bewerbungsform: per E-Mail