Bo Mérei

Position: Counselor & Coach

Vortragstitel: Know your strengths: how to identify your own resources and build on them (during the job application process and beyond)


An important part of growing and winning authentically (getting the job, succeeding in the position, progressing in the career, etc.) is having a solid understanding of our own resources, of the values, skills, interests that we have in ourselves. As easy and obvious as it sounds, it requires much self-reflection and most people are not truly aware of their own resources (beyond a few obvious ones, of course). In my short presentation, I intend to give very practical tips, self-reflection exercises, journaling questions, etc – aimed at helping the audience to take a deep dive in themselves and to identify their own strengths… as well as “own” them, i.e. build on them during their professional journey.

Approaching a job application process with a mindset of wholeness (rather than a feeling of “not good enough”) can be a game-changer. I truly believe that having the self-awareness and self-confidence stemming from an in-depth understanding of what one can bring to a job/role can make a huge difference and for this reason, I look forward to sharing a few helpful tips with the Sticks & Stones participants.


Bo Mérei is an integral counselor and a systemic Expert-Coach based in Berlin. He’s most passionate about facilitating people’s processes of becoming the most authentic and content versions of themselves, both in personal and work context. As a part of his practice, he offers business and career coaching, working with professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs to define and own their professional journeys with purpose, passion, authenticity, and empowerment.

M.A. in Intercultural Communication
Psychological Counselor (Integral Psychology)
Certified Systemic Coach (ECA)
Certified ECA-Expert Coach incl. Leadership, Agile, Career, Intercultural and Health Coaching
Mindfulness Coach

Professional journey:
2016+ Counselor & Coach / Private Practice in Berlin
2014-2016 Individual Fundraising Leader, SOS Children’s Villages, Hungary
2009-2012 Leadership positions in the advertising industry (resp. for Africa, Middle East & Asia), Dubai (UAE)
2002-2009 Account management positions in the advertising industry, Hungary & Austria

A proud member of the RAHM – The Global LGBT+ Leadership Community.