Joy Zalzala-Soyka

Relationship and Career Coach,


Hi, my name is Joy Zalzala-Soyka. I am a relationship and career coach and a multicultural, lesbian mom with great love and respect for misfits and rule breakers, who expect the best for themselves and the world.

In my online coaching practice I coach people from various LGBTQIA+ communities, migrants as well as women, non-binary and trans* people in biracial or multicultural relationships.

How do you pursue a thriving career that suits your ambitions without sacrificing other things in your life? What does your version of success look like? How do you incorporate your values into the way you work and communicate with collegues or customers? Gain clarity on these questions and receive the encouragement and support to pursue your personal version of success.

I have an M.A. in Gender Studies and an M.A. Education and eight years of experience working in LGBTQIAP+ centered non-profits. In 2012 started my own coaching practice, offering personal sessions, online courses and coaching groups.



13 — 18 Uhr


Englisch, Deutsch


ca. 9 Jahre


  • Deutschland
  • Europa
  • USA



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