Are you looking for a new job? Here is your opportunity to send your info to our exhibitors before STICKS & STONES, they’ll be able to look through it and they might invite you to an interview during the fair.

Simply fill out the form below. We will forward all data submitted up to 2 weeks before the fair to our exhibitors who have jobs available. They will then have the opportunity to review the data and then invite you via e-mail for a one-on-one interview at Sticks & Stones. Based on a comparison of your information with the company information, we will also suggest employers to you who might be a good fit in the week leading up to the fair!

Note on data protection: Only exhibitors who sign our confidentiality agreement will have access to your info and are thus also obligated to delete the data two weeks after Sticks & Stones. Disclosure to third parties is prohibited. Contact may only be made in relation to recruiting and job openings. We also delete your data two weeks after the fair.

STICKS & STONES is a project by UHLALA Group. Since 2009, we have been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTIQ+ people in their careers and bringing them together with companies and organisations that appreciate their LGBTIQ+ employees.

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