In recent years, when evaluating our stage program, we have repeatedly seen that the classic 30-minute company presentation attracts few listeners. This also applies to presentations that generally present the company as an open, diverse and appreciative employer. As a rule of thumb, SXS visitors prefer tangible takeaways and learnings that they can leave your presentation with, and avoid content that they could find themselves by doing their own research on the web.

Focus on these guidelines when designing your talk. At least one of these goals should be met by your talk: EDUCATION. ENTERTAINMENT. INSPIRATION.


Before you start choosing a topic, answer the following questions: What is your overall goal for participating in the fair and how can your stage performance help you achieve it? Who exactly do you want to address and with what desired result?

Recruiting I: Is your primary goal to recruit LGBTIQ+ talent for a variety of your advertised positions in different business sectors? Or you want to increase your talent pool?

Recruiting II: Do you have a specific candidate profile in mind, do you want to fill a certain position, or are you focused on a certain area of expertise due to your industry and company size?

Employer Branding: Do you want to present yourself to the widest possible audience as a diverse and appreciative employer with an open corporate culture? Do you have an exciting diversity issue that you are currently working on or do you want to present the activities of your LGBTIQ+ network?


If you want to recruit as broadly as possible and attract as large an audience as possible, which in turn will increase the number of visitors to your stand, we recommend focusing on "classic" career topics. This includes everything about the application process (writing a CV, preparing for a job interview), career planning (job search, job change, career change) and soft skills and personal development (own organization, leadership skills, concentration, stress management). Here you can find a list of popular SXS presentations from the last years:

▸ Job Searching: Practical Tips and Insights on How to Navigate Today's Job Market 

▸ 10 Karriere-Tipps, die ich als Berufs-Einsteiger gerne gewusst hätte

▸ Lebenslauf Makeover Masterclass

▸ Überzeugen im Vorstellungsgespräch

▸ Wie präsentiere ich souverän?

▸ Zeig dich und deine Story – für eine authentische Karriere

▸ In 3 Schritten zur Berufung – Finde den Job, der zu dir passt

▸ So wirst du zum Feedback-Hero

▸ Diese Skills müsst ihr mitbringen, damit moderne Start-Ups euch einstellen

▸ Das Verständnis von Führung in digitalen Zeiten

This track ensures the largest possible audience and allows you to address candidates with different backgrounds. However, if you want to address a specific profile and your target group is more narrowly defined, you can also cover specialist topics in your presentation. Statistically speaking, your audience will be smaller, but you will address the "right" people with your presentation. Here are some examples from previous years:

▸ Code that moves the world: 5 Wege, wie Code Menschen bewegt

▸ Mut zu Dir selbst – Wirtschaftsprüfer aus Leidenschaft

▸ Ambivalent und attraktiv: der Arbeitsmarkt Kultur

▸ Recommending podcasts — it’s not about chihuahuas and muffins

▸ Preboarding & Onboarding – die ersten 100 Tage als Associate

The third track on the other hand, which covers all topics around (LGBTIQ+) Diversity Management & Inclusion, is less suitable for recruiting goals, but would be a useful option if you want to present your company as an open employer, introduce your Diversity Management or your LGBTIQ+ network, or network with other people from this field. Again, here are some examples from recent years:

▸ How to Kick Off an Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging Project 

▸ Maintaining a network and working with your community 

▸ I don’t belong here: The emotional fabric of workplace culture

▸ Allies im LGBT+ Netzwerk eines Unternehmens – Warum sind sie so wichtig?

▸ Managing your Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Here you can find the complete agenda of SXS 2022 to get inspiration from the stage program:


Whether you choose German or English as the presentation language depends solely on your objective. We did not find a significant difference in the number of listeners in the comparison of the turnout rates.

A well-worded title is half the job. It may be a little "clickbaity": It should arouse interest and trigger questions in the person addressed - which then also have to be answered in the course of the presentation.


In principle, you are free to choose which people to send to our stage for a presentation, but please note the following:

A. Diversity: We maintain a strict quota of 50+ percent female speakers. Please keep this in mind when looking for a speaker in your organization. We also encourage you to propose people of color and neurodiverse people as speakers.

B. Role Models: Depending on the topic chosen, it may be a good idea to choose the speaker as an inspiring role model for the audience. Let people from your LGBTIQ+ network speak, who can be a "best practice" example for the audience.


A large part of the added value of your presentation depends on the preparation and follow-up.

Promote your presentations independently both externally via your website and social media channels to reach job seekers, and internally via newsletters, employee mailings, etc. to communicate your participation to your own (LGBTIQ+) employees and to set an example within your company.

If you participate in the online fair, we will record your presentations and publish them later on Proudr. You can also include this in your communication to reach people even after the event.


Do you have all the information for your presentation? Then send us the details via our Speakers form:

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