Sticks & Stones Student Summit // 22.10.2021

We want to support LGBTIQ+ students and make LGBTIQ+ diversity a topic at universities, colleges and academies! That is why we are launching the Sticks & Stones Student Summit, which is aimed directly at students and student LGBTIQ+ units in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The one-day online event offers exciting content on the topic of LGBTIQ+ at universities, thanks to dedicated speakers, as well as many opportunities for mutual networking. Join us and follow the link to register!

Already on 1 June, we will publish the LGBTIQ+ Campus Index, which puts universities and colleges in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the question: What offerings do LGBTIQ+ and allies find at our university? Here you can find out more!

STICKS & STONES is a project by UHLALA Group. Since 2009, we have been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTIQ+ people in their careers and bringing them together with companies and organisations that appreciate their LGBTIQ+ employees.

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