Erik Haugk-Higgins

Chief Strategist & Founder,

H2 Consulting LLC


On 17.07.2017, I moved to Berlin, Germany. After thirty years of living in the United States, I boarded a plane at the Phoenix, Arizona International Airport with a one-way ticket to Berlin Germany. One year prior, I met my husband, Richard. A German citizen, originally from Dresden. After one year of courtship, we made the decision to get married and start our life in Europe.

Experienced business leader, strategist, academic author and lecturer with over 15 years of experience in the United States and Europe. My tenure in Fortune 500 America, coupled with international business experience and education, has helped shape my approach to emotional intelligence and cultural awareness. Instilling the value of diversity and collaboration when working towards a common goal. In my spare time I enjoy being with family / friends, fitness, yoga, adventure and learning German (business proficient).



Online stream

Defining success and how it is measured. Would start the discussion about my history and success in Fortune 500 America during my twenties. Followed by life-changing challenges I encountered due to my relationship with my husband.

Transitioning into the importance of “knowing your audience.” This encompasses emotional intelligence and cultural awareness. Helping to draw a parallel of best practices in the work place that usually lead to success.

I would discuss my journey in Berlin over the past 4 years. The challenges I initially faced, what I learned, and how I turned them into successes. I have applied for my PhD in Policy & Governance with the dissertation proposal of: “The Emergence of Generation Y and Generation Z in Geo-politics: Adapting to an Evolution of Progressive Policy and Governance”

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