Who are the Proud Heroes?

We are a group of queers and allies who aim to increase awareness of LGBTIAQ+ issues and related topics of interest in the workplace and create a truly inclusive culture at Delivery Hero.

As a community we put together our manifesto:

United we Stand, Fight, Dance!

We STAND together, supporting one another in our unique experiences as LGBTIAQ+ people

both professionally and personally.

We FIGHT together, advocating for change inside and outside of Delivery Hero, for safer, more

welcoming spaces and advancements in LGBTIAQ+ rights and visibility.

We DANCE together, celebrating our community, the perspectives we offer to the world, the

battle's already won, and in mutual celebration of who we are.

What are we doing this year?

This year we want to keep growing our community and in particular bring femme and trans voices to the front - we want to make sure all queer voices feel seen, heard and represented at Delivery Hero. Last week we gathered our community to celebrate Lesbian Visibility week and had a great opportunity to hear the stories of queer women in our company.

Upcoming we have a queer walking tour of Berlin - coming together and learning about our city’s queer history is going to be super fun!

Besides these community and educational events, we of course will have a packed pride month celebrating CSD, having Delivery Hero wide talks/panels and of course taking the chance to celebrate our wonderful community!

Learn more about Proud Heroes here and come see us at Sticks and Stones on July 1!