Ernesto Marinelli

Position: Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources for Global Customer Success | SAP SE

Vortragstitel: Why LGBT+ networks are key to an inclusive culture at SAP


SAP provides its employees with a vast number of employee network groups around the globe. Dr. Ernesto Marinelli is the Executive Sponsor for the German chapter of Pride@SAP and has been prominently featured as an openly-out gay leader at SAP. His views on inclusion, not only for LGBT+ colleagues at SAP, but for all diverse groups are remarkable and his experiences are shaping the visibility for LGBT+ colleagues in Germany and beyond. How can a global company like SAP positively contribute to the inclusion of LGBT+ colleagues of different generations? Join this session to find out.


Ernesto has over 15 years of human resources experience He is currently the global head of HR for SAP’s Customer Success organization. Passionate about transformation and the impact of leadership on people, Ernesto is a seasoned, goal oriented global HR Senior Executive with broad experience in supporting the Sales and Services organization as well as Development Groups. Accustomed to work in an international environment, Ernesto is strong in transformational work and possesses in depth expertise in all relevant HR processes with a strong ability in creating long term partnerships He speaks Italian and German, is fluent in English and has good knowledge of French and Spanish. He joined SAP in 2005 as a recruiter and had several roles within the HRBP Organization. Ernesto earned a Master Degree in General Linguistics and a PHD in German Linguistics at the University of Würzburg in Germany.