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It is headquartered in Munich, but also has a branch in The Hague, offices in Berlin and Vienna, and a liaison office in Brussels.
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The Office's core activity is the search and examination of patent applications and the grant of European patents. We also provide patent information and training services.

The European Patent Office (EPO) is the second-largest European organisation, employing 7 000 staff from over 30 countries. The EPO is the executive arm of the European Patent Organisation. It is headquartered in Munich, but also has a branch in The Hague, offices in Berlin and Vienna, and a liaison office in Brussels.

The EPO strives to support innovation and promote a knowledge-based society in Europe:

Patent protection enables inventors and companies to be rewarded for their innovation.

The EPO has built up the world's largest databases of technical information, which it makes available to the public free of charge.

It also offers a complete range of training on patenting and IP issues As an employer, the EPO provides a distinctly multinational work environment in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere

We focus on building long-term relationships with our employees.

We empower our staff to take responsibility and make the right decisions.

Darum sind wir Partner von STICKS & STONES

Because at the EPO we believe that we can become the collaborative and engaged organisation we aspire to be, when everyone at the Office can work and live in a state of inclusion and appreciation of our diversity.

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We are looking for profiles for the role of a patent examiner. The job of a European patent examiner demands a unique combination of scientific expertise, analytical thinking, language skills and an interest in intellectual property law.

Diese LGBTIQ+ bezogene Maßnahmen und Leistungen bieten wir im Unternehmen an
  • LGBT+ Diversity Management
  • Protection against LGBT+ discrimination in the Code of Conduct or similar
  • Sanctions in case of discrimination against LGBT+
  • No gender-specific dress codes
  • Gender-inclusive language in official internal communications
  • Use of new first names possible before official change of personal status (for door signs, email addresses, etc.)
  • Program for allies, e.g., an ambassador program or other measures to promote allyship (allies are supporters of the LGBT+ community)

The EPO is also a signatory of the Charta der Vielfalt, an initiative aimed at promoting diversity in companies and institutions. Signatories pledge to encourage a work environment that is free of bias, and values all employees regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or worldview, physical ability, age, sexual orientation and identity. The Office signed the charter in 2010, the same year it officially recognised same-sex marriages.

STICKS & STONES ist ein Projekt der UHLALA Group. Seit 2009 unterstützen wir die LGBTIQ+ Menschen auf ihrem Karriereweg und bringen diese mit Unternehmen und Organisationen zusammen, die sich ihre LGBTIQ+ Diversity einsetzen.

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