Frida Elisson

Position: CMO | eBay Kleinanzeigen

Vortragstitel: Authentically You – how to be successful in Work-Life


How do you set yourself up when you start a new job? And is there a recipe for success?

In this presentation Frida Elisson will share her experience from having worked for more than 17 years in companies like Unilever, Google and eBay Kleinanzeigen in countries such as Sweden, UK and Germany. She will talk about why the company matters just as much as the actual role and why she refers to work-life and not just work.

Please bring a lot of questions to make this an interactive and engaging session.


Frida Elisson is CMO at eBay Kleinanzeigen, the most-visited general classifieds platform in Germany with more than 40 million live ads and about 30 million unique visitors per month.

As CMO she is responsible for the marketing strategy and all marketing channels. Frida is also part of the management team of eBay Kleinanzeigen and as such she is passionate about building a sustainable business, shaping an agile working environment and building an inclusive company culture.

Frida is originally from Sweden and holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from Linköping University. Before joining eBay Kleinanzeigen in 2018, Frida has helped brands and businesses to succeed in the consumer goods industry and the digital world in companies such Unilever and Google.