Helena Peña

Position: Data Scientist | Upday (Axel-Springer)

Vortragstitel: Recommending podcasts — it’s not about chihuahuas and muffins.


When we think about data science, often first classification or regression problems come to mind — but there is also recommendation! How can we automate the recommendations of news and podcasts? What is special about automatized recommendations that make them exciting and challenging?
In this talk, I would like to give insights into my daily work as a data scientist at Upday and tell you how we are exploring podcast recommendations for our podcast app Earli https://earli.audio/.


Helena is a data scientist at the digital news company Upday. Her drive is to work towards useful, human-friendly applications of data. She studied biomathematics and completed a PhD in mathematics at the University of Greifswald, Germany.