Isabel van der Kolk

Position: Founder / The WOW Dinner

Vortragstitel: The WOW Dinner – we bring the world to the table.


The WOW Dinner is part of an inspirational global series of networking events aimed at promoting diversity and the empowerment of women in tech and related industries. The event welcomes people of all genders and orientation. We explain how we grow in a few years and are an open network without memberships. How we include the LGTBQ Community.


Gratuated in Business and studied in Australia , USA as major English Isabel worked at big Corporates among them PWC, KLM and BSI. After working for several years in the Corporate world she made the choice to work at a small media Company in the center of Amsterdam. In 2017 she met her partner and start a global network for women in tech but, it became wider. The network will excist almost 4 years and has big Partners and a Team around the globe. Isabel, believes in pay it forward and everyone can approach her easily.