Joanne Lockwood

Position: Inclusion and Belonging Specialist / SEE Change Happen

Vortragstitel: Why Bother With Inclusion?


How organisations are now hyper aware of the need evolve their culture to allow people to just “be themselves”, have a feeling belonging is critical to attract and retain a team of top performers. We often see D&I as an HR or People function, but in reality it sits across the whole business and impacts how we design, deliver and provide support to our customers and stakeholders.

Organisations spend millions of Euros each year on Unconscious Bias training, yet very little is being achieved to move the needle when it comes to Gender Equality, BAME and LGBT inclusion – people with disability are often overlooked or turned away for being a too challenging for employers. We are well aware that pay gaps exist all over the diversity spectrum.

In this keynote Joanne gives her thoughts as to why the approach currently taken by organisations is broken. Most of our biases are conscious and it is therefore the responsibility of organisations to develop a conscious inclusion culture and vision.

Joanne will be challenging thinking and will highlight strategies as a starting point for this journey, the destination is up to you!

Key Takeaways…

Understand the need for a Shared Vision for Inclusion
Why simply hiring diverse talent won’t work if the organisations culture isn’t fit for purpose.
How small inclusions nudges can make a big impact to achieving the vision


Joanne is a leading authority on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. She specialises in promoting
transgender awareness and support to businesses and organisations throughout the UK, Europe and

As an International Keynote Conference speaker, Joanne delivers workshops, seminars, and engages
with organisations to develop policy & best practises to be more inclusive for all people. Challenging
Biases and helping them to develop a Vision and Strategy for Conscious Inclusion.

She is an Advisory Friend of The Institute of Equality & Diversity Professionals, Member of The Rotary
Club, Toastmasters International, The Professional Speaking Association, and she sits as an Expert by
Experience member for Southampton University. As a Fellow of the Royal Society for the
encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, she believes passionately that “people are
people” and, no matter who they are, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Joanne was a contributor and featured in a Channel 4 (UK) documentary called “The Making of Me”,
broadcast in February 2019. This documentary was filmed over a 3 year period and detailed her own
personal gender transition and its impact on those around her.

Joanne lives by the mantra of “Smile, Engage and Educate” in order to promote awareness and
understanding to overcome people’s fear of getting it wrong, because the world isn’t only black and white