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Miss Natasha Enquist - Electro-Accordion Chanteuse

Miss Natasha Enquist /MNE Records Internship

Miss Natasha Enquist is currently seeking to hire an intern to help manage her social media, website and EPK updates, assist in booking performances and with the promotion of her upcoming album. This internship can be combined with students who are completing their bachelor thesis in artist management and all related studies within the music industry. Appropriate candidates for this internship would be for those who are seeking to learn first-hand experience with artist management, over-seeing artistic development, and learning and getting to know the Berlin music scene.


For more information about Miss Natasha Enquist:


Internship duties:

–       Researching & contacting festivals, parties, companies, special events for performance bookings

–       Assist in booking gigs

–       Social Media management

–       Website and EPK updating & management

–       Multi-media development (graphic design on images, editing together short video clips)

–       Research & develop new merchandise for online and sales at live performances

–       Digital music upload management


Skill requirements:

–       A passion for performing & recording artists work within the music industry

–       A basic knowledge of the music industry

–       Fluent in English (some German – optional)

–       Knowledge of social media management

–       Multi-media development skills (optional)

–       Multi-tasking & time management

–       Graphic design/PS & photography


This internship is 3-6 months long and unpaid. Please send your CV and motivational letter to info [at]

Brief background bio & artist bio:

Recording artist, performer, singer, songwriter, accordionist, and art model, Miss Natasha Enquist is originally from the pacific northwest of British Columbia, Canada, and has been in Berlin, Germany for 6 years. She relocated to Berlin to progress with her music career after completing a performance contract with Walt Disney World and having had successful experiences with various Canadian theatre companies and musical ensembles, which she led and managed herself. She studied History of Art at the University of Victoria and has a background in fashion design, managed her own small fashion business for 7 years, along with working within the fashion industry in high-end menswear and managed a bridal boutique. She studied classical piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music as a child, and picked up the accordion as a hobby in her mid-20s not knowing it would take over her life.

She has since recorded with Kollo Agency and self-released her debut “MNE” album under her own label MNE Records, available on all digital music platforms. Along with doing session recordings for sound-tracking for Lumen Films, Eclectic Bay Studios, Pebble Music, and sponsored projects for the Leo Kuelbs Collection, she has recorded on songs and albums for recording artist’s such as Alice Gift (Liste Noire, Velvet Condom), Sinan Mercenk, Adamore, Rona Geffen, Edwina & Deko, and her debut album’s music was featured on the soundtrack for the short film, “The Birthday”, and has released several remixes of her album singles, and has had two music videos featured on MTV Germany (including MTV Netherlands, MTV Belgium, MTV Switzerland). She has had a following within the Berlin LGBT nightlife scene for her live performances, has performed within the Leather fetish scene within Europe (Folsom Europe, Testosterone, Darklands) and the burlesque scene (Berlin Burlesque Festival 2013 & 2014, Airbag Burlesque – Airbag Festival 2018) has been featured twice in the “Accordion Babes Calendar”, worked for the alcohol brands Bombay Gin, Heineken, Hendrick’s Gin, Tito’s Vodka and Tom of Finland Vodka, has been sponsored by Akkordeon Brusch Berlin, Tempo Trend Music, MOD Devices, and Butcherei Lindinger.

In addition to her own work, Miss Natasha Enquist has modeled for and been a source of inspiration as a muse for artists such as Suzanne Forbes, Omar Jaramillo, Kai Teichert, Giulia Caruso, Kelsey Bass, Natascha Artworx, Juergen Schlotter, Christian Badel, Sarah Kilcoyne, Kinkong Watanabe, Wanda Stang, Frodo47, Silent James and the late Fernando Ureña Rib.


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