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We transform finance for small agriculture


Are you an experienced Data Scientist, with a passion for financial predictive modelling, looking for a leadership opportunity in a startup that is reinventing socially-responsible financial services for smallholder farmers around the world? Would you like to develop algorithms to predict coffee farmers’ yields from historical data, supply chain data, and satellite data? Would you like to work with major financial institutions in the coffee industry, helping boost funding flow towards coffee farmers, and promoting financial inclusion while helping the coffee industry professionalize? If your calling in life is to make an impact on the lives of millions of people, join our team and help us lead this bold approach to revolutionise smallholder financing for coffee and beyond.

About us 

Small farmers are critical to the world and represent one of the most vastly underserved financial markets in the world. Access to credit through technology is at the heart of this challenge but a data-driven farmer is only as strong as its weakest supply chain partner. Given the particular complexities and uniqueness of agriculture, a “value chain approach” to financial services that leverage on existing supply chains coupled with innovative technology is a disruption ready to happen. Moreover, it is the entry point to address global challenges related to sustainable rural development (e.g. Climate Change, poverty alleviation, food security, gender empowerment, etc.) and enable solutions that produce global positive network effects.

Vinculum is an angel-backed startup building an enabling platform to transform access to finance for small farmers. As an innovation leader in rural financial inclusion, we are building credit ecosystems able to leverage the power of global supply chains and Machine Learning to foster new generation of micro-financial services for small agriculture pioneering a three-part solution: 1) improve the scoring of farmer potential beyond “credit-worthiness” with an alternative algorithmic approach tailored to agriculture and natural data around small farmers, 2) empower agribusinesses and their supply chains as alternative aggregation points for financial service delivery, and 3) provide financial institutions a simplified entry-point to small farmer banking.

Coffee is our first market (80% of global production depends on farms smaller than 5 hectares) and our Proof of Concept has been possible thanks to data partnership with a best-of-class rural microfinance institution in Central America and the financial support from major banking group highly relevant to the global coffee trade. Vinculum represents >20 months of work by the founder, a sustainability expert with +10 years working in sustainability and business innovation in Latin America across private & public sector, as well as NGOs, academia and multilateral development institutions. For the past 5 years he has been focusing on agricultural supply chains, particularly the evolution data, technology and sustainability in the global coffee industry. The learning curve has been steep but we are ready for you to bring your Data Science skills and take us to the next level.

We are looking for…. 

Experienced researcher able to take projects from the whiteboard to building a predictive model and beyond. As Head of Data Science you will build our core foundations and our technical roadmap toward controlled lending experiments in unbanked environments and beyond. We have data from a reputable Microfinance Institution with 5 years of smallholder coffee financing containing >20,000 distinct loan applications capturing key features (e.g. farmer demographics, production capacity, income level, repayment, etc.) and currently developing further partnerships to considerably increase the volume of available data. We need to gain insights and predictions from this data, predicting repayments and future potential of different farmer segments. You will augment this with satellite/remote sensing data and other data sources to get a complete picture of the entire credit ecosystem. You should be passionate about problem solving, teamwork, and working under “research vertigo”, in a field where no best practices exist.

What a typical week may look like at Vinculum:

  • Identify new and unique ways to obtain and process data
  • Classify farmer features to deliver increasingly tailored credit scoring and financing products
  • Build automated decision-making tools
  • Ingest data from a variety of sources and keep it systematically organised
  • Travel to beautiful, tropical locations where coffee is grown

What we value in a Head of Data Science:

  • Several years of experience performing applied research in industry.
  • Good programming skills (preferably Python)
  • Expertise in statistical modelling
  • Preferred: MSc or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related technical field
  • “Nice to Have”: Spanish language skills (Vinculum works extensively in Latin America)

What you get:

  • Creating your own VC-funded startup, setting the tone, and making important decisions from day one.
  • A fast-paced and collaborative process
  • Work with our network of excellent advisors and mentors
  • Competitive compensation and founder equity
  • Plenty of room for personal growth in an environment that prizes diversity
  • Flexible benefits: home work and flex hours

We’re looking forward to your application! Please send your CV, cover letter any other supporting documentation you think relevant to manuel@vinculum.cloud.

Um sich für diesen Job zu bewerben, senden Sie Ihre Unterlagen per E-Mail an manuel@vinculum.cloud