Katherine Protano

Position: Diversity and Inclusion Specialist | Delivery Hero SE

Vortragstitel: Managing your Unconscious Bias in the Workplace


Most people hold themselves to the belief that they are fair and just in their perceptions, actions, and intent. However, all people, aware or not, fall victim to their unconscious (or implicit) biases. In this presentation, I aim to explain what they are, identify some common ones often found in the workplace and provide ways to interrupt them in yourself and others.

Join me in learning about what unconscious biases are, what biases are common in the workplace, and learn how you can interrupt them in yourself and others to promote a more equitable office environment. Prepare to feel a bit uncomfortable as this presentation has side effects such as self-reflection and growth. Warning: You will not be free of your bias after attending my presentation!


Katherine Protano is the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at Delivery Hero SE and is responsible for developing the strategic direction and the future global D&I framework for the organization. She is passionate about building a more inclusive world and utilizing her platform to amplify traditionally underrepresented groups to drive business growth and a more equitable workplace.
Katherine joined Delivery Hero in 2017, originally as a recruiter. Her prior role within the organization, as well as her diverse background in roles across academia, government, and NGOs aid her in navigating the complex and strategic problems that are to be solved at the intersection of diversity and business. When she is not educating and working towards equality for all people, she enjoys bouldering, writing stand-up comedy and cycling.