Laura Homma

Position: Project Manager RAHM

Company: Uhlala GmbH


Talk: Introduction to RAHM – The Global LGBT+ Community

Content: The presentation will give an introduction to the Uhlala project RAHM, which is the global LGBT+ Leadership Community. It will introduce the variety of events RAHM has to offer, all revolving around connecting, inspiring and supporting the present and future generation of LGBT+ Leaders. RAHM offers its community high-level business and social events, a professional networking platform and job opportunities in leadership positions.


After studying industrial engineering with specialising in mechanical engineering in Berlin, Sweden and Israel and completing various internships in the engineering industry, I worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production System and Design Technology as a researcher in the field of quality management. At the same time I was a guest lecturer at the Technical University in Berlin as well as the Turkish German University in Istanbul. Since mid October I am the latest member of the Uhlala team and the project manager for RAHM.