Laurence Schwer

Position: Manager | Executive Education, Career Development & Corporate Relations | ESCP Europe

Vortragstitel: Presenting Europe’s first academic leadership programme for LGBT+ Talents

Inhalt: How can queer leaders become the ambassadors of diversity and inclusion in their organisation? With its new LGBT+ Leadership Programme, ESCP Europe Business School addresses the specific challenges of LGBT+ talents in the workplace. We believe it is crucial to support young leaders in their personal development and to create an impactful network of people empowered to shape their organisation. The talk will give you an overview of the main benefits of this first-time initiative in Europe, especially showing why authentic leadership is key to success and what methods can be used to develop concrete solutions to promote diversity.


After completing two Master’s degrees in Management from ESCP Europe and in International Relations at the Paris Institute of Political Science, Laurence has worked for several years in the area of public finance. In 2016, she decided to shift her career to the higher education sector as she was looking for more purpose in her work. Since then, she has been working at ESCP Europe Business School managing various projects in the field of executive education and career development. She is particularly committed to the development of diversity initiatives as well as building communities around those topics. Laurence is responsible for the LGBT + Leadership Programme, a first-time initiative in Europe.