Marian Jarzak

Position: Employer Branding Manager | Project A /

Vortragstitel: My biggest learning: Why it’s fabulous being gay in the venture capital world

Inhalt: Are the majority of startups run by white hetero men? Yes! Do diversity & inclusion efforts play a role when it comes to investing? Probably not – at least for the majority of classical VCs. But instead of complaining, let’s take it as an opportunity and be the change we want to see. Instead of relaxing in the role of being “victims” of the hetero-dominated world – let’s be proud, authentic & shiny and the change agent for the future. This talk is my super personal story of how I turned around every homophobic negativity in my life to positive learning – and how you can do this as well!


Marian Jarzak works as Employer Branding Manager at Project A – the operational VC that provides its ventures with capital, an extensive network, and exclusive access to a wide range of operational expertise. He has a professional background in Journalism as well as Corporate Communications and worked previously as a Communications Manager at the company builder Rocket Internet. Marian loves everything around employer branding, diversity & inclusion – he has his own blog