Marina Ivanovic

Position: Head of Recruitment

Vortragstitel: Diversity Quotas: Good But Not Enough


The presentation will explore the benefits and downsides of implementing diversity quotas in the hiring/promotion process with the focus on the gaming industry. Diversity quotas have so far opened doors to a wide range of diverse talent, however very little is still being done about working on the quality of talent as opposed to quantity. One example of this is the severe lack of LGBTQIA talent in senior/leadership and executive level positions, with the gaming industry being one of it’s harshest offenders. I’d be thrilled to explore the idea of how we can make the numbers work in our favor and open up our working environment to underrepresented minorities by focusing not only on diversity but inclusion too.


Marina started her career in Technical Recruitment working with emerging tech and gaming startups. Being an LGBT woman, very early on, she got involved in diversity and inclusion topics in startups which she continued working on after moving to Berlin where she is currently leading the recruiting department at Kolibri Games. She is particularly interested in intersectional diversity and D&I within the gaming industry.