Mathias Reimann

Position: Engineering Director Sensors for Automated Driving

Company: Robert Bosch GmbH

Title: Bosch gets colourful! Challenges in running a LGBT network within a multi-national company.

Robert Bosch’s LGBT network originated out of a private initiative from 2006 which gained more and more members over the following years. In 2012 the network had its “coming out” as our official LGBT network.
Our program includes:
– An online discussion forum and several events to enable networking between the employees.
– We are open for all Bosch employees to boost discussions and mutual understanding of different ways of living.
– Diverse activities with networks from other companies.
– As part of Bosch’s diversity network we contribute to be an attractive and modern employer.
Now in the fifth year the network faces several challenges dealing with internationalization, communication and many more.
We are thrilled to present and discuss our solutions with the STICKS & STONES audience.


Mathias Reimann graduated as electronics engineer of University of Stuttgart in 2000. He started already during his studies at Bosch as a researcher. After three years in the field of high frequency microsystems he proceeded to system development of inertial sensors. Following the microsystems path a position as senior manager for vehicle application of sensors followed. In 2012 he took over lead of the Bosch MEMS design house and acts today as engineering director along with his team for development of sensors for automated driving.
Privately, he likes everything that has to do with music so in example he is singing in the Bosch jazz choir “Vocal Ignition”.

As one of the spokespersons of the LGBT network Mathias Reimann is responsible for communication issues.