Mertcan Uzun

Position: Global Talent Acquisition Specialist | DCMN

Vortragstitel: The Inclusivity Lesson: How discrimination experience shaped the HR professional I am today

Inhalt: Mertcan Uzun is a Talent Manager at DCMN and has a background in Academia, where he conducted research on Labour Market Discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. He is originally from Istanbul and this talk will trace his journey from the heteronormative working culture in Turkey to the more inclusive mindset of Berlin. Tied to Mertcan’s is the journey of DCMN, which he helped evolve into a diverse company of 40 nationalities, even more languages, with offices on four continents and a high share of LGBTQ+ members. Diversity and inclusion are ingrained in the Berlin-based growth marketing partner’s DNA, they are reflected in its guiding principles – and its recruiting culture. Just last year the company switched to a radical new organisational structure, called Beta, to safeguard its unique culture in the face of accelerated growth and increasing internationalisation. Mertcan will outline how a drastically collaborative corporate organism free of hierarchical division has challenged and transformed the recruiting process, and has become a key differentiator and success factor – for both employer and employees based on the experiences he has faced in Istanbul and Berlin.


Mertcan was born and raised in Turkey, and he started off his career in Academia. His main research area focused on Labor Market Discrimination towards the LGBTQ and conducted various quantitative research. At some point, he decided to join the start-up scene with the goal of creating diverse and productive teams. To be able to do that, he decided to move to Berlin back in 2014.