Anthony Andrews



Position: Coach

Einsatzort(e): Berlin/Deutschland/Europa/Weltweit

Coaching-Erfahrung: seit 2009

Schwerpunkte: LGBT+ Themen 

Zielgruppen: Führungskräfte, Berufstätige

Branchen: Alle Berufstätige inkl. IT, Marketing, Medien, Vertrieb

Sprachen: Englisch und Deutsch


“As gay men, many of us have had one message repeated to us by religious institutions, the state, and of course, our families: “You are not okay.” This onslaught often leaves us with a destructive sense of shame. Many of us assume that we overcome this shame when we come out of the closet. But, if we look a little closer, it becomes clear that often shame still has power over us through the ways we try to compensate for it. This drive for compensation may lead us to addictions or other unhealthy behaviors. For many, the result can be anxiety and depression, which non-LGBT coaches and therapists, lacking personal experience with our specific struggles, are ill-equipped to adequately address. And that’s where life coaching from a gay perspective can make all the difference.

Though this coaching is geared to the needs of gay, trans, bi, questioning men, anyone who has been marginalized can benefit from these techniques.

What are some challenges coaching can help with?

– Coming out to your friends, family, and colleagues
– Identify causes for unhealthy patterns and mental states developed as a result of shame
– Developing confidence for job interviews, presentations, networking events etc.
– Learning to project strength and command respect through your voice and general body language”