Christine Locher


Position: Coach

Einsatzort(e): London und virtuell

Coaching-Erfahrung: 10 Jahre

Schwerpunkte: Leadership, Werte, Zufriedenheit, Passion, Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Entscheidungen, Decisions, Change, Integritaet, Karrierewechsel, Midlife-crisis, Erfuellung, Neuorientierung, Resilienz

Zielgruppen: Führungskräfte, Existenzgründer

Art des Coachings: Per Skype, telefonisch, vor Ort in London

Branche(n): Consulting, Tech, Nonprofit, Startup, anything fast-paced and passion-driven

Sprache(n): Deutsch, Englisch

“My work is very focused around your core values. They help you figure out what right and wrong feel like. They are also among the drivers of happiness (when fulfilled) and your own version of hell when they are not.

Having a process to tap into this gives you an unshakable compass for decision-making and planning towards a goal that really matters. Get to know your values-in-action, your gut feel, your intuition and the strength of your integrity and what that means in practice.

We plan for impact in a way that is realistic and achieves results, and we find suitable ways to keep you accountable and create your own support structure to keep going with this. Whether this means helping to (re)light a fire in your heart, or under your “rear-end” (or both). In addition, this process will give you the tools to keep doing this yourself going forward so that your life stays vibrant and exciting. This is your life (only better).”