Daniela Lörch


Position: Geschäftsführung und Beratung

Einsatzort(e): Berlin. Im Unternehmen, in meinem Büro, per Telefon, Skype, Zoom, Teams oder Outdoor.

Schwerpunkte:  Karriereentwicklung, Onboarding, Outplacement, Veränderungsprozesse

Zielgruppen: Führungskräfte, Internationale, Young Professionals, Sonderfälle

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch

Branchen: Wirtschaft und Forschung


“I specialized in personal career consulting after decades of successful activity in all areas of personnel development. I offer this consulting regarding personal change or career development to you as an individual or to your business.
I accompany you successfully to your desired goal.
My customers include German and foreign private individuals as well as internationally active firms and research institutes. Employees of John Deere factories in Europe, Helmholtz Centers and Leibniz Institutes – to name a few –
have turned to me for their professional development. I have an accordingly deep grasp of various career fields and the tasks they present.
With the advising expertise I can also support you with innovative ideas and up-to-date solutions.
Helping you grow towards your desired goal is my life work.
You and I will take on this task together in a structured yet creative and unconventional manner. This approach leads to a satisfied client at the end of each consulting process.
Feel free to contact me. I am glad to discuss your wishes and a possible path to reaching them over a coffee at a fitting location.”