Gitta Blatt


Position: EVP HR und Organisation Sky Deutschland

Einsatzort(e): Hamburg, Berlin, München, London

Coaching-Erfahrung: 10 Jahre

Schwerpunkte: Diversity Management, Cultural Journey pays to the bottom line, Flat and agile leadership integration

Zielgruppen: Führungskräfte, Unternehmen

Art des Coachings: Beim Kunden vor Ort

Branche(n): Medien, Digital Corporates, Fast Moving Environment

Sprache(n): Deutsch, Englisch

“Turnaround Management of Sky into profitable business, Transition of HR of into international scalable organisation, growing the HR team and shaping the right structure for future challenges of digital and international business cases in fast moving environments. Focussing on digital trendsetting at the edge of knowhow and among the top 3 of the broadcasting and entertainment world. Supporting the correct M&A people strategies, disinvesting of outdated productions and manage the best possible acquisition filter for successful megatrends of the future TV business. Ensure the maintenance of the diverse company culture, focus on best talent development ahead of competition. Changing to a culture of common sense instead of command and control, fostered by fast agile HR principles, well organised communication, modern work environment, measurable HR and engagement KPI’s, making sure HR plays a relevant role to the bottom line and supports a winning strategy together with the board and leading top management team.”