Michael Byrne

Position:  Peak Performance Coach

Locations: Berlin, Germany

Coaching experience: 3 years

Focus: life coaching, team development, sales coaching, mental coaching, presentation coaching, founder and entrepreneur coaching, burnout prevention, LGBT issues, career choice, coaching for job interviews, time management, personal development

Target groups:  students, young professionals, employees, executives, start-ups, companies

Coaching locations:  Berlin on-site and remote via zoom

Sectors:  startups, corporate companies, individuals.

Languages:  English, German (B2)


“As a peak performance coach I’m here to get you out of your own way, so you can reach your full potential and be the person you know you can be.

My philosophy is if you want something go and get it because once you’re on your way you’ll find your way, and in the end the journey itself is invaluable.

I built a successful career in the entertainment industry, first as a performer and then as a choreographer and creative director. I led teams internationally for 17 years and worked with some of the biggest artists and companies in TV, theater and live events, including Queen, Helene Fischer and Starlight Express. My expertise was in project coordination and people management. I produced and directed many projects, recruited complex teams and collaborated with other successful professionals worldwide.

I have experienced and seen what it takes for individuals and great teams to succeed. I am a professionally trained coach (ICF course accredited) and I thrive on supporting others in becoming the best versions of themselves they can be.”