RAHM 2019 | The Global LGBT+ Leadership Contest (locations TBA)

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RAHM 2019 | The Global LGBT+ Leadership Contest
by Uhlala

RAHM brings together the most outstanding LGBT+ leaders in the world. Through an innovative contest and network, we connect, inspire and support the next generation of LGBT+ leaders.

■■ The Contest ■■

We invite 100 pre-selected young and senior leadership talents from all around the world (27 different countries in 2018) to join the finale of the RAHM contest to compete in a highly interactive 3-days-leadership contest. Through group works and discussions with other participants, you can show your leadership skills and give each other feedback.

Throughout the contest, you will expand your personal and professional network, share your expertise, develop and prove your leadership skills, learn from top executive’s experiences, receive job opportunities or startup funding, and have fun doing it. The attendees with the most convincing leadership skills will be awarded through our unique crowd ranking process.

All young trans, non-binary persons, lesbians, bi, gays and others with leadership talents from students to top executives are invited to apply and participate in the RAHM Contests.

■ Apply now ■

Join The net RAHM Contest : www.rahm.ceo/contest2019/

■ Where ■

The RAHM Contests take place all across the world:
London, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Toronto, …

The locations will be announced soon.

Send you CV now and seize your chance
to be part of one of the next RAHM Contests in 2019! Your position will be saved for one of the next RAHM Contests of your choice.

■ When ■

++ (english-speaking contest) ++

+ DAY 1 +
RAHM Impact Day (for the RAHM 100 Finalists 2017, 2018 and Contestants 2019 and Jury of all years): date & location TBA

RAHM Get-Together & Networking Evening (for RAHM Members and Contestants 2019): date & location TBA

+DAY 2+
RAHM Finale: day and location TBA

RAHM Dinners + Queer Party: day and location TBA

+DAY 3+
LGBT+ Pride Breakfast: day and location TBA

Pride Parade & Party: day and location TBA

■■ What is Uhlala ? ■■

Since 2009 we have been supporting, connecting and empowering LGBT+* in their career and bring them together with companies and organizations that stand up for LGBT+ employees. We are pursuing this claim with different projects.
Learn more about our projects: www.uhlala.com