Samet Akti

Position: Intern, Product Marketing Subscriptions

Company: Google

Title: Why I’m gayer than I should be


I might be what you call the stereotypical, fabulous homosexual. I do make-up, I have an unhealthy obsession with Beyoncé, and for the love of mother RuPaul, I have no understanding of soccer. And I make sure everybody is aware of that.

So people ask: Why are you so visibly gay? Why be a stereotype on purpose? 

In this talk, follow me on my little journey of self-discovery.

We make stops at learning how to come to peace with yourself. 

Why your perceived “flaws” are the best part of you.

Why your dating profile should say “gay acting only”.

Why I am proactively “gayer” than people want me to be – and why I encourage you to do so, too.”


• Product Marketing Subscriptions, Intern – Google (2018-present)
• Integrated Marketing Communications Western Europe, Working Student – Coca-Cola (2016-2018)
• Account Management in advertising, Intern – Ogilvy & Mather (2016)
• Marketing and Business Development, Working Student – Dentons (2014-2016)

• Lead/mentor for creative strategy – MTP – Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V.
• PR/Communications – DeuKische Generation e.V.
• PR/Communications – “meet & keep – market for people in need” initiative

• Come say hi at the Google booth for internship insights 🙂
• I was a RAHM 2017 Top 10 finalist. Let’s chat!
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