Step 5: Set up the live chat tool

A. Linking & setting up the live chat tool with the booth

At this point you will receive detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up the live chat tool at your booth.

Create an free account at (

The first time you set up the chat you will be asked for a page name and a URL. Please enter the name of the fair “STICKS & STONES ” in the page name – and the URL of STICKS & STONES Digital:

Login to (
Create a chat widget – following the instructions
Click the administration icon (gear wheel)
STEP 5  Copy the Chat ID
STEP 6 and 7

On the EXPO-IP platform, select your fair stand where the chat is to be integrated and open the “Einstellungen” tab. In the section “Bitte das gewünschte Chat-Tool auswählen” select the option and enter the previously copied chat ID in the input field under the heading “Chat Integration”.


Go back to Administration.

Then click on Chat Widget. Under Widget content, select your preffered language for the tool. Then click on Edit Content to set up which greeting text should appear when visitors click on your chat window.

In the newly appearing window you can now customize the welcome text by clicking on When online. On the right side click then on the text next to the pen. After making the changes, go to Save and click on the cross with Esc in the upper right corner to get back to the main screen.


Then scroll down to Widget Behaviour –> Visibility Settings and check the box Hide Widget when offline so that the bar turns green. This way you can make sure that the chat is only shown when one of you is online.


By default a notification is set, which appears when visitors open the chat window, but do not ask a question immediately. In this step we will show you how to change the message.

Go to Trigger in the menu on the left. To delete the existing trigger, check the box to the left of it and then go to Delete. If you want to Add Trigger, just click on the green button in the upper right corner.

B. Add colleagues to the chat tool

Here you will learn how to create accounts for your colleagues. The number of accounts is unlimited. Please note: The accounts are for chatting with your booth visitors and are independent of the exhibitor accesses you receive from us.


If you are not logged in yet, please log in with your account. Go to Administration and then the submenu item Property Members. Then click on the button Invite members.


Now enter the e-mail addresses of the colleagues who should get access. You can also decide whether the respective colleague is also given administrator rights by selecting Admin, this means this person can make settings regarding the account without restrictions. If you choose Agent, this person can chat with the visitors and use the tool, but cannot make any administrative settings. Finally, click on Send invitation. Your colleagues will now receive an e-mail where they can set up their personal access to the platform. After logging in, they will be able to contact the visitors of the fair.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly advise you to test the live chat tool in connection with the trade fair platform with all colleagues at least 2 weeks before the event so that they are all well prepared on the day of the fair.

C. Personal settings for each live chat access

Im nächsten Schritt können Sie und ihre Kolleg_innen das Tool individuell anpassen. Falls Sie noch nicht eingeloggt sind, loggen Sie sich bei ein. Klicken Sie oben rechts auf das Symbol und dann auf Edit Profile. In diesem Fenster können Sie dann ihren Namen, E-Mail-Adresse und Jobposition anpassen. Zudem können Sie ihr Profilbild anpassen. Klicken Sie dazu auf Modify Profile Image. An dieser Stelle kann ein Foto hochgeladen werden oder Sie wählen einen der vielen Avatare unter Avatar auswählen aus.

In the next step you and your colleagues can customize the tool. If you are not yet logged in, please log in to Click on the icon in the upper right corner and then on Edit Profile. In this window you can then customize your name, e-mail address and job position. You can also customize your profile picture. To do so, click on Modify Profile Image. At this point you can upload a photo or choose one of the many avatars under Select Avatar.

Disabling Chat logs via email

To avoid getting the chat transcripts sent to you by e-mail, go to the menu Links and select the cogwheel or the menu item Administration. Then go to Mail-Notification (it’s further down, you have to scroll down in the menu) and select Nobody under the individual items if you don’t want to receive chat transcripts by email.