Lucie Le Naour


Yourequal UG


With a background in linguistics and translation, Lucie entered the Berlin tech scene in 2014, first as a machine translation language specialist, quickly switching over to technical writing, and eventually content design. From working in small start-ups to big tech corporations such as eBay and GitHub, Lucie has seen it all and has a lot to say about working as a queer, female-presenting person in tech! As a co-founder at Yourequal since 2021, Lucie takes care of all things content, product management and community building.

How to start an ethical and accessible tech project

Stage 3

In this talk I will share the main things to think about when starting your own tech project to ensure it is ethical and accessible from the get-go, based on my own experience of starting Yourequal UG, a social-impact business that empowers and supports underrepresented and marginalised employees to identify safe places to work. From shaping your strategy to choosing your legal entity, partners, and tech stack, this talk will walk you through how we built Yourequal UG around ethical and accessible values and our takeaways, so that you can start your own tech project around the values that matter to you!

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