Philipp Preißer

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Disrupt or Explode: Why not both? Start-up within a corporate.

Position: Co-Founder & Brand Strategy Manager. Telefonica Germany


Looking for the “right” first job after university can be very hard. It’s all about decision making and finding out what you want to do with your life and the time you can’t spend on Facebook and Netflix.

You can either choose to work in a thrilling start-up environment with more freedom in your priorities or choose to climb up the career ladder and have more structure in a corporate day-to-day life.

The Onlife Graduate Trainee Programme at Telefónica – best known through its brand o2 – offers both sides. Within 18 months and with 12 other recruited trainees, we will launch an accelerated start-up project and get experience in a line of business.

I want to tell you about my experience in this programme: The bright sides and the challenges of this exciting experiment.

The key message: Sometimes you don’t have to choose to make the first step for your future.


Last year ( Philipp talked about important decisions and one year later he made one important decision himself: He choose his entry position.

Whether to work in a start-up or a corporate environment was a crucial aspect in his search, but he found out that sometimes you don’t have to choose. Today, Philipp is one of 13 Onlife Graduates at Telefónica. He works as a part time co-founder of a location-based community app called “mitwelt” and part time Brand Strategy Manager.

Before that, he studied Human Resources Education & Management at the LMU Munich and is a wholehearted Employer Branding scholar. He could acquire various experience in different industry and work settings, during his studies and is a proud LGBTI family member.