Sabine Delorme

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Vortragstitel: Freedom to Grow

Position: Director / Head of HR, tyntec GmbH


Today’s fast-paced environment and wide adoption of agile methodology call for a different kind of talent, one that doesn´t fit into a clear scheme. Therefore, we need a different approach to HR in order to recruit and support the right talent for today’s work environment. An exciting development – and a great challenge – for people entering the employment market as well as for job seekers exploring new opportunities. Instead of trying to woo employers, candidates need to demonstrate their willingness and ability to take on challenges at a very early stage. Today’s talent recruiting and development can benefit from the lessons learned by the people who met their challenges, got the freedom to face them head-on—and grew from the experiences.


Sabine Delorme is currently working as Director of Human Resources at tyntec, an international cloud communications company headquartered in Munich. Her main responsibilities at tyntec include building up the HR department and establishing a growth culture.
When it comes to her career in HR, Sabine continues to build on her deep root in the tech industry, from her early start at Compaq in the 90s and her subsequent leadership role at the consulting company Sapient. Throughout her career, she’s been passionate about going off the beaten path to recruit hidden talents—and helping them realize their potentials. She can share her own story about how she made her vita stand out by building on her unique background, studded with her current blogging activities, her passion for books, and some inspiring detours she took along the way, including owning a book-store in New York at one point.