Vitalija Petrulaitiene

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Future of Work: smart, flexible and creative

Position: Doctoral Candidate, Aalto University Finland


The future of work is flexible and digitally empowered.
Researchers have been talking about “New Ways of Working” for some years already, however only now it is slowly becoming a mainstream. How flexible do you want to be? And does it mean you will end up working 24/7?
People around the world are more and more connected. We do not imagine our lives without social media or constant Internet connection. We are more global than ever before. Which means that you have to show your talents on a global scale. But are you ready to compete with AI or any kind of robots?
What are other trends that affect work and the environment you live in? How do these changes affect you and the whole society?
Come to listen if you want to know what university research talks about the future trends.


Vitalija works as a doctoral candidate at Aalto University, Finland. Her dissertation topic revolves around workplace management and the development of work environments through wellbeing, services and ecosystems. New Ways of Work (or the future of work) and employee perspective are essential parts of her research.
Next to her main work activities, Vitalija is interested in innovations and is a certified innovation manager. On her free time, she helps multiple NGOs and manages other projects.