Speedcoaching Munich 2018

Speed coaching
STICKS & STONES | Munich Edition

On 17 November 2018, the STICKS & STONES | Munich Edition will take place for the 2nd time!

Not only will there be exhibitors,  a photographer to take your application photos, and a speaker’s programme for the visitors but also our career coaches who are trained to help with all job and career questions.

On the day of the fair, go to the registration to write your name down in the list to save yourself a spot with one of our coaches. Speed coachings will take place every 30 minutes.

The coaches in Munich will be announced soon.

These were our coaches in Berlin 2018

Alina Hodzode

Position: Co-founder, vision coach, teacher for meditation

Melanie Heinz

Position: HR manager, communication advisor, trainer and coach

Christian Strompen

Position: Systemic personal life & business coach, mediator, trainer & advisor – www.jobcoachberlin.com

Ayelet St. Savilla

Position:  Psychologist, coach

Oliver Kanders

Position: Speaker coach, systemic coach (family, organisations)

Joy Zalzala-Soyka

Position: Coach for LBTI

Marc Röösli

Position: Freelance coach

Robert König

Position: Owner www.könig-businesscoaching.de