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Apryl is a fertility benefits platform that helps employers attract & retain top talent while tackling diversity & inclusion. With Apryl, companies can support their employees with fertility and family planning benefits - including consultation, access to clinics, and treatments (i.e. egg freezing or IVF) or adoption - subsidized by the company, but safe and confidential. We educate your employees, so they understand their options – a position that empowers them to be proactive rather than reactive. We believe that everyone should have the same chances to become a parent – no matter the age, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status or financial means.

Why we are a partner of STICKS & STONES

We are leading the way for a more inclusive society.

Career opportunities
  • Internships
  • Working student
  • Direct entry
  • Trainee
  • Young Professionals
  • Senior Professionals
  • Grow with the company
We are currently looking for

Tech lead Head of Business Development Product Marketing Manager Senior Backend Developer Customer Success Manager Projectmanager/Implementation Manager Founder Associate Marketing Trainee Working student Member Care Experience (Hebrew/French) Working student Member Care Experience (Spanish/Portugese/Italian) Working student Visual Interface Design

We offer these LGBTIQ+ related measures and services in our company
  • Sanctions in case of discrimination against LGBTIQ+
  • Gender-inclusive language in official internal communications
  • Use of new first names possible before official change of personal status (for door signs, email addresses, etc.)
  • Confidential support in the coming-out process
  • Measures to strengthen LGBTIQ+ health
  • Gender-neutral restrooms

STICKS & STONES is a project by UHLALA Group. Since 2009, we have been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTIQ+ people in their careers and bringing them together with companies and organisations that appreciate their LGBTIQ+ employees.

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