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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding STICKS & STONES Digital.

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How many people are needed per booth often depends on the company and the respective time. In any case, we recommend that you are available at the stand (or in a live chat) at least two people the hour after your presentation, as there may be more questions from visitors. In addition, you should always be present at your booth from 2 to 6 pm. At this time the speakers program takes place, so we expect more visitors. We also promote these time slots in the first place.

The advantage of an online trade fair: you can simply let the live chat run in your browser window in the background and do something else on the side. As soon as a visitor asks you a question, you will be notified by an acoustic telephone ringing and one of you can answer the question from the live chat. You just have to make sure you are at your computer. If you are not at your computer or do not have time to answer live chat questions, you can log out of the live chat. Visitors will see that you are no longer in live chat, but they can ask you questions via the contact form.

Using the live chat tool you can also see who of the visitor is currently looking at your booth. You can also actively contact visitors via live chat. In this case you will need more people who are online in the live chat.

We recommend you to be at the booth from 2 to 6pm, because then the speakers program will take place and we expect more visitors. We also promote this time slot as the time most of the exhibitors are available in the live chat. If you are not online at certain times or not online for a whole day, visitors can nevertheless contact you via the contact form. If representatives of your company are giving a lecture, we recommend that at least two people of you are online at least one hour after the talk to answer the visitors’ questions.

The digital exhibition booths are in 2D. Under the following link you can send us your graphics for e.g. the roll-up and/or exhibition wall (number of stand elements depends on the booked package) and we will integrate them into your booth:

In a second step, you can use the trade fair platform to put media (videos, photos, image galleries, website links) at various points on your stand. For example, visitors can access your website or a picture gallery by clicking on a specific area of your roll-up.

You can advertise the STICKS & STONES Digital in the same way as you advertise your physical presence at the fair, e.g. by adding entries to your event calendar and via your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn). We will also send you promotional materials and the link to visitor registration in an extra email.

Yes, all visitors of the SXS Digital must register in advance and can then register for each presentation with just one “click”, visit the entire exhibition and exchange information with each exhibitor via live chat.

  • Exhibitors will receive a complete list of stand visitors with all contact details.
  • Speaker will receive the contact details of all visitors registered for the lecture.
  • Exhibitors see the visitors at their own booth in real time and can address them personally via live chat.

Yes, all exhibitors will be able to download the contact details of booth visitors via the fair platform after the fair.