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Currently, there is no CARIAD LGBT+ network. However, as a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, our employees can participate in the group-wide network "We drive proud".

4.500 — 5.000
Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, Mönsheim by Stuttgart, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich
German, English
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Über uns

CARIAD is an automotive software company in the Volkswagen Group that is consolidating and further expanding the Group's software competencies to transform automotive mobility. The company is developing the leading tech stack for the automotive industry with the mission to make the automotive experience safer, more sustainable and more comfortable in a new way – for everyone, everywhere. Established in 2020 under the name Car.Software Organisation, around 4,000 engineers and developers around the world are now working at CARIAD to build a uniform software platform for all brands of Volkswagen Group, which includes a unified and scalable architecture, an operating system and automotive cloud. The new software platform will first be deployed at the end of 2024. In addition, CARIAD is working on outstanding digital automotive features, including ADAS systems, a standardized infotainment platform, software functions for linking powertrains, and chassis and charging technology, as well as new ecosystems and digital business models in and around the vehicle. CARIAD operates in software competence centers in Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, the area of Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich, and is closely co-operating with international development teams in the Volkswagen Group in the US and China. Find out more:

Darum sind wir Partner von STICKS & STONES

At CARIAD, we see ourselves as one big community, bringing together people from over 70 nationalities and a variety of cultures and languages. And of course, different tech and coding skills. It is this diversity that helps us bring forth even more innovation and progress as a community and fast-growing company. The different perspectives and viewpoints reward us in the development of software solutions, strengthen creativity and are essential for our path into the automotive sector’s tech future. Our partnership with STICKS & STONES is an essential part and important step in our efforts to strengthen diversity and inclusion in the global technology and automotive industry. For everyone, everywhere.

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Zurzeit suchen wir

CARIAD offers you the unique opportunity to transform automotive mobility for the better. You will have the opportunity to bring sustainable change to one of the largest enterprises on the planet by working with us on a scalable software platform and new digital functions that will be used in over 10 million new cars annually in the future. Your talent will complement a team of over 4,000 experts and developers who collectively boast an incredible wealth of knowledge that we share and expand together. We want to learn from each other and support each other in order to develop personally and professionally - every day at work and in our academy. Together, we have the chance to build this company up right from the start and change the automotive industry. Come join us and create #CodeThatMovesTheWorld:

Diese LGBTIQ+ bezogene Maßnahmen und Leistungen bieten wir im Unternehmen an
  • LGBT+ Diversity Management
  • Schutz vor Diskriminierung von LGBT+ in den Verhaltensgrundsätzen (Code of Conduct o. ä.)
  • Sanktionen bei Diskriminierung von LGBT+
  • Keine geschlechtsspezifischen Kleidungsvorschriften
  • Geschlechterinklusive Sprache in der offiziellen internen Kommunikation
  • Bei internationalen Geschäftsreisen oder Entsendungen ins Ausland: Informationsmaterial für Mitarbeitende mit expliziten Informationen bzgl. der Sicherheit für LGBT+ im Zielland
  • Verpflichtung von Geschäftspartner:innen zum Schutz von LGBT+ in deren Verhaltensgrundsätzen (z. B. in einem Supplier Code of Conduct)

STICKS & STONES ist ein Projekt der UHLALA Group. Seit 2009 unterstützen wir die LGBTIQ+ Menschen auf ihrem Karriereweg und bringen diese mit Unternehmen und Organisationen zusammen, die sich ihre LGBTIQ+ Diversity einsetzen.

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