SXS Digital Partner Portal – Step 1: Your booth design

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Step 1: Your booth design

In the first step your booth will be graphically adapted. For this purpose, you have to send us graphics in the appropriate format for the individual design elements of the digital booth (e.g. roll-ups, measuring wall), taking into account the exact image size. Our graphic designer will then add the graphics to your digital booth.

Attention: Only after we have received your graphics and our graphic designer has created your booth, we can send you the access data for the trade fair platform.

Please select your booked package:

Additional note:

If you prefer a booth template from a smaller package, you can also choose to use this one (e.g. senior exhibitors can also use the junior booth template. However, junior exhibitors cannot use the booth template of a senior exhibitor).


Alternative procedures:

You want to design your stand completely free, without the specification of stand specifications and image formats? We will design your individual, appealing booth in consultation with you, which will stand out visually. The service includes the design incl. two correction steps. You are free in the conception and not bound to any templates. You can add this extra service for 990€: Please contact us by e-mail if you are interested in this option.

Does your company/organization not have the possibility to adapt the graphics to the appropriate format? We can design your booth with the delivered graphics as an extra service for 300€. You send us your graphics in the existing formats and our graphic designer will adapt them and integrate them into your booth.  The basis for the design are our stand templates, but you are not bound to the given image formats. Send us an e-mail if you are interested in this option.

Do you as a company generally not have any graphics available? Then send us your logo and text elements for the stand objects. We will then integrate them into your booth.