Testing the booth in preview mode

How to preview and test your booth


To preview your fair booth, click on the preview icon. The preview will open in a new tab of your browser.


Click on all your widgets to check that they are all functioning properly. If a video or a link is not showing, please check the setting of your widget.

The most frequent problems are the following:

  • The video is not showing: In the box “Youtube Video ID”, please make sure that you have only copied the ID of the video and not the complete Youtube link. The video ID is the part of the link coming after the “=” symbol (for example “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XVtl2EjG68“)
  • The link is not working: In this case, the most common problem is that the linked website cannot be displayed in an iframe. To solve it, please go in the setting of the widget, and under the link box, check “Nicht per iFrame”. The link should then work normally.


By scrolling down on your page, you will see your company description along with the elements you have added as widgets. Please check here that the information is correct.

How to test your live chat


Go on your booth in preview mode as explained above. Log on tawk.to with your tawk.to account credentials. You should now have your live chat widget appearing in the bottom right corner (see screenshot below).

You can now click on the live chat widget in the bottom right corner and write a message as a test visitor. As a result, you should have your tawk.to browser tab ringing. Go back on the tawk.to tab and accept the chat to answer the question.
For further instructions regarding the live chat tool, please visit: https://www.sticks-and-stones.com/use-the-live-chat-tool/

The most frequent problems are the following: