Théo Challande Névoret

Position: Project Leader RAHM

Company: Uhlala GmbH

Title: Presenting RAHM: The LGBT Leadership Contest & Network

Content: Why I should participate in the contest? I don’t define myself as “leader” or “LGBTQIAP+”, why should I apply ? What are the benefits of entering the RAHM community? Who are the RAHM members? If it’s so great, how can it be free? –  If these are the questions that won’t let you sleep at night, put your mind at ease and find your answers here!


A defender of pride, leaders & an opportunities matchmaker, Théo Challande Névoret is Project Leader of RAHM – The Global LGBT Leadership Contest & Community ( As an activist, advocating for LGBTQ visibility, he initiated – among other things – in 2017, the giant painting with rainbow colours on the second largest steps in the heart of his hometown (Marseille, France) and helped LGBT refugees from Chechnya, Ivory Coast, Syria, and other countries to find a safe space with basic needs.

Dedicated to developing the RAHM LGBT Community as the major support group for LGBT leaders and future leaders in the world, he accepted to take the lead of RAHM in October 2017.

M.A Graduate from Sciences-Po Aix and the University of Freiburg i.Br. in Germany, Théo Challande Névoret previously lead the political strategy and analysis of the Socialist and Green Group in the County Council of the Bouches-du-Rhone (the 5th biggest French political institution) on issues such as social safety net for unemployed people, deprived households and children, territorial development policies, political agenda-setting and PR.

Théo Challande Névoret strongly believes in humanity, dignity and justice. He aims to contribute to the shaping of a better world for everyone.