Use the live chat tool

How to chat with the fair visitors


Log in on with your credentials to be online.

When someone visits your booth and starts a chat with the live chat widget, your whole team will hear a notification sound (similar to a phone ring).
In the left-hand side menu of the’s dashboard, you will see a pink box “Incoming” appear. It notifies you when someone started a chat that you need to answer. To answer the incoming chat and open a chat window, click on the pink box.


When the chat window opens, click on “Join” to accept the incoming chat. The notification sound will then stop for you and your colleagues. Your team will see that you have joined the chat and that they don’t have to answer it anymore.


You can now write your answer in the chat window. When the visitor answers you back, you will hear a new notification sound.
Note: You can also answer several chats simultaneously to give your visitors some time to write you back.

When the visitor is a Proudr member, you can visit their profile by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of the chat. Below the Proudr link, you will also find the e-mail address of the visitor you are chatting with.

To send your visitor a document such as a job ad or a picture, click on the paper-clip icon in the chat window.


When the chat is over, you can close it by clicking on the “X” in the upper right corner of the chat window.
If the visitor comes back later to your booth, the notification sound will start again until someone from your team accepts the incoming chat. This person will then have access to the chat log of the previous conversation.

How to block a visitor

In the unfortunate case of a visitor bothering or harassing you, you have the possibility to block this person by clicking on the red button in the below right corner. Once blocked, the visitor can no longer write to you.
If this situation happens, please notify René or someone from the SXS Digital Team, so that we can act on it and block the person from the platform.

How to take over a chat from your colleague or answer a visitor together with your colleague

In the upper left corner, click on the chat in which your colleague is currently. Once the chat window opens, click on “Join” to get into the chat.
You and your colleague are now both chatting with the visitor. You can now both chat with the visitor or your colleague can now leave the conversation by clicking on the “X” button in the upper right corner of the chat window.

How to send direct messages to your colleagues via the chat tool

Click on the “+” next to “Direct Messages”. You will then see a window showing every person you can write to directly. When clicking on a contact, a chat window will open. You can now start chatting with this person.

How to set up a group chat with your colleagues

To write several of your colleagues at once, you can start a group chat. In the left-hand side menu, click on the “+” symbol next to “Groups”. You will then see a window showing every person you can write to directly. You can here set your group name and add your colleagues to the group before clicking on “Create”. A new group chat will appear in which you can start writing. You can then open the group chat window at any time in the left-hand side menu below “Groups”.

The Menu

On the left-hand side menu, you have access to several features of the platform.

  • Dashboard: Overview of the most important information
  • Monitoring: You can see here in real-time who is currently in your booth. “Active” means that the visitor is currently checking your booth. “Served” means that this visitor is currently chatting with one of your colleagues.
  • Active chats: You can find here the chats you are currently in.
  • Messaging: Closed chat logs are archived here.
  • Reporting: You can find here reports and statistics about your chats.
  • Help: Support of (in English).
  • Administration: You can find here all your account settings.

Help & support on

You can also find further tips and support on the’s website:
In the bottom right corner, you can find a live chat symbol starting a discussion with the support’s team. They will answer your question in a few minutes.

Note: Website in English.