Founder, Balance & Core

Together We Thrive: Sustaining Wellbeing in a Diverse Workplace

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Explore actionable ways to nurture your own mental wellbeing and that of your colleagues, reinforcing a culture of support and inclusivity in the workplace.


Reni is the founder of Balance & Core, a company that supports forward-thinking organizations in building sustainable wellbeing cultures. With a background in Health Management, Linguistics, and Anthropology, she combines over 15 years of wellness education experience with her passion for cross-cultural communication to empower clients to create positive work environments.
As a speaker and university lecturer, Reni shares actionable insights on workplace wellbeing and DEI. Her quick, accessible active breaks are always a hit. Despite her entrepreneur parents‘ pleas for a „regular job,“ Reni forged her own path, driven by her desire to support visionary founders and organizations on their wellness journeys.
Through Balance & Core, Reni blends her multidisciplinary knowledge to address the unique challenges of the digital age, prioritizing employee wellbeing and long-term organizational success. She is committed to co-creating healthy company cultures and shaping the future of work.