Senior Employee Experience Specialist, Actian, a division of HCLSoftware

The High Cost of Hiding - Understanding the Toll of Closeted Behavior and Isolation in the Workplace

Sprache der Keynote: Englisch


In this talk, we delve into the often overlooked but deeply impactful consequences of closeted behavior and isolation in the workplace. We’ll explore the challenges faced by individuals who feel compelled to hide their authentic selves, the toll it takes on their mental health, and the broader impact on workplace dynamics and productivity. Through a combination of research, personal stories, and practical strategies, we aim to shed light on this critical issue and inspire action towards creating more inclusive and supportive work environments.


Sara Lou (they/them) is disabled, non-binary, queer and the Senior Employee Experience Specialist at Actian. Sara takes pride in being a “forever learner” and uses their expertise in diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility to continuously enhance and revolutionize the employee experience, and overall workplace satisfaction and performance. Sara Lou holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, and brings over 7 years of experience challenging the status quo of corporate world by operating from a people first aspect.