Sven Christian Saxton (HE/HIM)
Sven Christian Saxton (HE/HIM)


Senior Manager of People Operations, EMEA, Actian, a division of HCLSoftware

The High Cost of Hiding - Understanding the Toll of Closeted Behavior and Isolation in the Workplace

Sprache der Keynote: Englisch


In this talk, we delve into the often overlooked but deeply impactful consequences of closeted behavior and isolation in the workplace. We’ll explore the challenges faced by individuals who feel compelled to hide their authentic selves, the toll it takes on their mental health, and the broader impact on workplace dynamics and productivity. Through a combination of research, personal stories, and practical strategies, we aim to shed light on this critical issue and inspire action towards creating more inclusive and supportive work environments.


Sven Christian Saxton is a dedicated HR professional with over two decades of experience in leadership roles at renowned global corporations, including Cargill, Manpower, and The Regus Group. His expertise spans human resources, organizational development, project management, and sales. Sven’s commitment to excellence shines through in his contributions to HR transformation, strategic recruitment, and workforce management. With an MBA and a degree in Systemic Coaching and Change Management from the University of Cologne, he leverages this academic background to foster organizational growth and development. Sven is also passionate about positive change, actively contributing to societal causes and envisioning a better future for all.