Reach out to 100+ LGBTIQ+ friendly employers with your CV.

Who wants to write hundreds of applications? We don’t!

And that’s why we’ve created a simple way for you to save a lot of time. And that’s our STICKS & STONES Talent Pool.

How do you get in here?

Simply answer 9 questions about your job expectations in 3 minutes and we will send them two weeks before the fair to the employers who will be at STICKS & STONES in Berlin on June, 28 & 29.

After scanning all the answers, the companies have the opportunity to invite you to an interview by email. Or maybe even directly to a job interview?

For the STICKS & STONES Talent Pool, it is NOT necessary to come to the fair in person. The introductory interviews can also take place online or over the phone. Nevertheless, we recommend that you visit the fair to get to know the company representatives in person. Among other things, this will increase your chances when you are looking for a job. There is also a great supporting programme with exciting presentations and more. The free tickets are available HERE.

Let's go!

Answer the questions below if you are interested in employers contacting you directly.

Important information:
Check your spam folder regularly. Some emails from companies may end up there.